Random Dance (2015)
for Computer Generated Sound

Random Dance for Computer Generated Sound (output 001)

Random Dance for Computer Generated Sound (output 002)

Seq 1: init.
Seq 2: Polyphony
Seq 3: Rhythm
Seq 4: Chord
Seq 5: Chord Random Walk
Seq 6: Root Random Walk
Seq 7: Granular Synthesis
Seq 8: Ring Modulation
Seq 9: RM with Random Walk with random gap
Seq 10: Final total Random Walk!

Random Dance is an (microtonal) algorithmic composition played by a computer with an ideal imaginary piano which plays frequencies, not the tuned pitches.
Inspired by the molecular Brownian motion and also by adopting random-walk algorithm in mathematics to the SuperCollider code directly, the computer generates different shapes, colors, and movements of frequency particles each time it is played, which reminds me of dancing gaseous molecules or crazy stars in the intergalactic space. It is made up with 10 movements, or named as “sequences” in the original code. Here I upload two of those, and this is a mono version.