A pre-concert talk, Harpa Concert Hall, New Music For Strings 2019, Reykjavík, Iceland



“This first movement of Lee’s mass takes a similarly exacting approach. From the jump, the work pulls no punches, opening with peals of percussion followed by a seething torrent of piano, harp, and strings. By the time the chorus emerges from the texture with a Gregorian-style chant, the mood is positively apocalyptic. Quotations of the Dies Irae mingle with Buddhist chant to dispel any notion of a silver lining.” Read full article
April 22, 2024

Bruce Hodges, THE STRAD

“Composer Dongryul Lee was enthralled with Cuckson’s playing and wrote her the virtuosic microtonal exercise A finite island in the infinite ocean (2020). Given the title, passages sound like dense reefs of exotic corals. In the first section, arpeggios and double-stops abound, and as the tension escalates, a stratospheric note ends it all. The second part is quieter, more like a lullaby. In an appealing illusion, the violinist created a faint echo effect, as if subtly enlarging the space.” Read full article
June 22, 2021

Video Interview with Anne Shreffler and Miranda Cuckson,The Fromm Players at Harvard 2021
“For the very first virtual Fromm concert, we are happy to present violinist Miranda Cuckson and pianist Conor Hanick in recital. The program features works by Natasha Barrett and Rebecca Saunders and world premieres of two solo violin works written especially for Miranda Cuckson: Dongryul Lee's A finite island in the infinite ocean, and Jeffrey Mumford's fleeting cycles of layered air.”

April 13, 2021

Program notes on the Pansonicon Concert at Villa Elisabeth, KURTUR BÜRO ELISABETH in Berlin

Oct., 2020

Dongryul Lee Named 2020-21 Postdoctoral Researcher in Composition
“The University of Chicago’s Center for Contemporary Composition (CCCC) is pleased to announce Dongryul Lee as the 2020-21 Postdoctoral Researcher at the rank of Instructor in the Division of the Humanities.”Read full article
May, 2020


Contemporanea 2018, performed by MIKROKOSMOS (Taukay Edizioni Musicali, 2018)
Parastrata (2017)
Esecuzione delle opere vincitrici della dodicesima edizione
del concorso internazionale di composizione Città di Udine
Tiziano Cantoni, flauto / Piero Ricobello, clarinetto e clarinetto basso / Nicola Mansutti, violino / Alessio Venier, violino / Irene Francois, viola / Francesca Favit, violoncello / Matteo Andri, pianoforte / Giorgio Fritsch, percussioni
Fabio Serafini, direttore

May, 2019