Entanglement (2014)
섹소폰과 피아노를 위한, "양자얽힘"

for alto-saxophone and piano

1. pure state
2. entanglement
3. spontaneous decay

Hyung-Ryoul Kim, alto saxophone, Tomoko Ono, piano
Live recording, Urbana, US April 2014
Duration: ca. 17 minutes

Program notes

        Entanglement (Verschränkung is the original word Schrödinger wrote in his letter to Einstein) refers to an enigmatic phenomenon in quantum physics, "spooky behavior at a distance" in Einstein’s words. This ominous interaction between two quanta cannot be calculated by pre-existing physics models, but the totalistic quantum states can be deduced after measuring one of the quanta: they behave as “entangled”, mutually dependant entities, and no pre-defined omnipresent forces can control them other than probabilities.

        The title of each movement is based on the three distinctive quantum states: pure state, entanglement (entangled state), and spontaneous decay. The first movement portrays the potential infinite energy of quanta, and the second movement is about the process (entanglement) of these two hypostatized musical entities. In the third movement, I depicted an eternal decaying process, in which the energy of quanta is returning to its original source, reified as a figure of a “tree” shape here. I envisaged the images of limited beings circulating over a transcendental routine, interrupted twice by world-tree images, and all of these elements are controlled by my plan; so for me this is also a miniature of this world to a certain extent: God, creatures, laws, and circulations (, and unknown Tenebrae).