On this page, I will list some of my lecture and supplementary lecture videos.


Presentation at the IRCAM Forum Workshops, "Spatialization, Orchestration, Perception, hors les murs"
Montreal (online), February 4–5–6 and 11–12, 2021

Round table : Composing timbre and space, as part of the IRCAM Forum Workshops
Montreal (online), February 4–5–6 and 11–12, 2021

On Goethe's Garden: 36 min. video presentation on my quarter-tone piano piece, Goethe's Garden, May 2021

Music Theory/Musicianship

Complex Rhythmic Layers in Ferneyhough's Music

BPM calculation and Metric Modulation

Acoustical Physics of Music

Loudness, Decibel, and Sound Intensity Level in Acoustics and Music